Commissions & Shop info

Hi! On this site you'll find all the info regarding to my commissions and merch store. Read carefully before ordering something.


✅I draw
▪︎Fan Art
▪︎Scenery & landscapes
▪︎Icons and emojis
▪︎Illustrations for Book Covers
❌I don't draw
▪︎Hate Art
▪︎Over-sexuallized characters and fetishes
▪︎Fascist Art, Bigot Art or any sort of pieces that can harm or discriminate other people in any way.
▪︎Excessive gore
▪︎Mecha (just for the current difficulty since I haven't practiced too much, may change over time).

》 You can contact me through DM on my socials or my Discord, Gege7840.》All work will be signed. Do not remove my signature unless if the specific purpose of the image requires it.》If you want to do commercial use of the work, just tell me and credit me. No use for NFT allowed.》Your piece will be posted online on my Deviant Art Page on a specific folder for
Commissioned work with a watermark on it if possible.
You get the version without watermark.
》Please, give me a detailed description or at least a reference picture of what you want.
I reserve the right to cancel it if the request doesn't fit my TOS or it it's too difficult.
》Payment methods accepted: PayPal, Ko-Fi donations and Deviant Art Poinst (for worldwide customers), Wire Transfer (just for Argentine customers).》Payment will be upfront. I'll need your email address in order to send you the invoice. The price already includes the T.A.S (21%). In case you go for "goods and services" on PayPal, the final cost will be the price multiplied for 0,0275 (in order to compensate fees).
▪︎In the case of complex pieces the payment will be partial after receiving a preview of the lineart, afer receiving the last color preview and before getting the final image.
》I'll constantly provide you progress updates. The times may vary since I'm a college student. You are allowed to request changes without charge unless you request major changes. Final result will be sent through email, Discord or previously accorded chat.

-Type of Product
-Detailed description
-Reference picture
-Deadline date (if any)
-Colors (if there's any specific one you want)
-Email address
-Socials (Discord, instagram etc):
Form for Complex piece 
▪︎Style wanted (impressionism, expressionism, semirralism, cubism, mixed, others) 
▪︎Materials (oil painting, Waterpaint, pen, pencils, markers, mixed media) 
▪︎Lineart? Yes/No 
▪︎Detailed description 
▪︎Reference image/s 
▪︎Adds on if any (character, etc)▪︎Remember to describe it and give reference pics.
▪︎Email Adress 
▪︎Deadline if any 

Prices & Products

》Al images have a resolution of 300dpi.Simple 800X800 Illustration: $5
▪︎For icons, avatars, Discord emojis, DnD tokens and other uses. Reescale without charge depending on use. Transparent PNG.
▪︎You can order a pack of several pieces.
▪︎SALE: Pack x20: $75,02
Simple illustration >800x800: $15
▪︎Ideal for illustrating book chapters. Transparent PNG.
▪︎The style is still cartoonish but coloring and details are more complex than in the 800x800 pieces.
Simple Scenery/Landscape:+$20
▪︎Can be used as wallpaper.
Book cover: +$15▪︎Size 800x512 (for wattpad).
▪︎You'll receive the cover alongside the text-less version of the piece.
▪︎SALE: If you order a Landscape piece+$3 it can be turned on a book cover and you'll get both pieces delivered to you.
Character full body
》Flat colored: $20
》 Simple shading: $25
▪Flat colored or transparent background: Base price
▪ Simple background: +$2
▪︎+ characteristics : price to fix.
》 The style is mostly cartoonish, unless you specify another style of your preference.》In case the design includes a text, you will get the image+text and the text-less version.》Final delivery through e-mail, Discord or WhatsApp.Semirrealistic Pet portrait: $20
▪︎Solid color background.
▪︎I'll require a photo of your pet.
Wattpad Banners: $1
▪︎You can send me the resources you want in the banner.
▪︎For stories, chapters or profiles.
▪︎They can be illustrated or manipulated.
▪︎You can order a pack of several pieces.
Complex Painting: Base price $200
+ 1 character: +$30
- Can be with lineart or without lineart
- Lighting effects aplied
-More complex shading and lighting than the other products
- For complex scenery and architecture
- Special brushes used in order to create the feeling of being painted over an actual canvas.
-You can request a specific style such as impressionism, expressionism or semi-realism.

Merch Shop!

Not in the mood of enquiring a commission but still want to support me? I also have a merch store at Redbubble, where you can find a large range of products featuring the characters from my novels and other unrelated designs made by me. The button below redirects you to the shop👇.

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